Holiday YooHoo & Friends

With the holidays fast approaching, who isn’t looking for stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank? We’ve found some ideal gifts for kids of all ages and collectors too, and if you’ve been nice, we hope Santa will return the favor and get you one of these this year. It’s no surprise that Aurora’s plush toy line called YooHoo & Friends has skyrocketed to become the leading toy and gift manufacturer’s number one product category. We think the line has been extremely successful because of the:

  • stand out design (based on endangered species but with a special and funky twist)
  • affordable prices at retail (depending on size the MSRP’s range from $6.99 to $13.99)
  • fun sounds, entertainment and educational value
  • corresponding free, interactive web site (and does not require activation codes).

yoohoofriends dot comThe web site makes learning fun and is a safe destination for kids ages 5-12. It encourages kids to explore and investigate while learning about endangered species in their natural habitats. There are also many games using the characters as the focus. Based in Yootopia, kids can join YooHoo & Friends on magical journeys as they travel around the world. The web site also encourages parents and their children to value friendship, harmony, honesty and courage…the company says it is working to optimize the web site for all browsers by 2010.

With a line of more than 30 styles and growing fast, collectors love YooHoo & Friends. Not just for kids, people of all ages love YooHoo & Friends too. If you have never seen them in the stores around the country, the YooHoo & Friends line “pops” off of shelves thanks to the funky design. The dynamic color schemes, big eyes and long fluffy tails have been keys to the line’s success. Aurora also produces YooHoo & Friends themed for graduation or holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

YooHoo WannaBes (small)There are variations on the line including YooHoo & Friends WannaBes (YooHoos dressed as other popular animals i.e.: pig, frog etc.).

Each of the YooHoo & Friends makes a fun and entertaining sound. While children play with the toy, mom and dad will appreciate the sounds making kids laugh and giggle, without the noises being overbearing for the parent.

You can purchase YooHoo & Friends online and check out other great Aurora products here. Available in five and eight inches, they’ll fit in those Christmas stockings.