Dorian Holley

Holley Joins LA Music Academy

Meet Dorian Holley. The singer, producer, writer and Los Angeles Music Academy’s newest staff member just might have the biggest music industry resume in Los Angeles. Most recently the vocal director for Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour and currently the vocal coach for American Idol, he’s been a backup singer for Jackson for two decades, but his credits are vast. He’s toured with Queen Latifah, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, Lionel Richie, Don Henley and Linda Ronstadt to name a few and has coached and sang with a parade of stars, from Chris Brown to Usher.

But his most notable contribution to recent musical history has been on Idol, where he serves as a vocal coach and music director. Any time a contestant goes from “pretty good” to “exceptional” over the course of the show, they can send the thank you note to Holley.

“We are very excited Dorian is joining our staff and eager for him to share his knowledge and experience with our diverse student base,” says Tom Aylesbury, President of LA Music Academy. Aylesbury adds, “Dorian is a respected figure in the music and film industries. He is not only prominently featured on hundreds of albums but in many films and television programs as well.” Aylesbury is referring to Holley’s “endless” resume, which includes, for example, his work on Die Hard, Pretty Woman, American Gangster and South Park the Movie, as well as Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, Oprah, Dancing With The Stars, VH1’s Unplugged.

“With his experience, Dorian will prepare our students for the professional situations that they will encounter during their time at the school and after graduating,” says Aylesbury. Immersed in real life situations spanning a variety of contemporary genres, LA Music Academy students are required to play virtually every day in band workshops, featuring L.A.’s top professional musicians.

Although Dorian’s curriculum won’t be incorporated until next year, he and the school will host a three day workshop January 29-31, 2010, called “Art of the Audition” ($995). Open to the public, the seminar is for vocalists and will include discussions and audition situations with Dorian. Participating singers will receive critiques and pointers from panels of guest instructors and a panel of musicians (TBD), ultimately preparing participants for professional audition situations. The workshop will conclude with a performance by the Dorian Holley Band and special guests.

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