For as long as we can remember, there’s been a perception among many that PR is the same as advertising and gets the same results. Not true. Publicists and PR practitioners, unlike advertisers, do not pay for the coverage they secure in newspapers, magazines, online or on the radio or television. Clearly, credibility is the main benefit of using PR over advertising.  People believe third party endorsers (media) far more than ads.

Maybe you have a story to tell, products to share, or are just the source a reporter needs to write their article. Perhaps you have news to communicate to employees and customers or want to speak in front of large audiences (i.e. an industry conference).  These are just a few reasons why PR should be an essential part of every marketing campaign. Plus, if you ever have a huge crisis (*cough* Tiger Woods), a knowledgeable crisis expert can help calm turbulent waters.

Your business can benefit from choosing the right PR firm. Don’t rush into anything. Interview multiple agencies and see which is the right fit for you – it’s generally a combo of expertise and chemistry. Here are some examples from 2009 of PR using media outreach and the results you can achieve when bright minds and creative strategies come together, not to mention a great story or product.  These articles are worth thousands in advertising dollars.

Star Trek: The Exhibition in Hollywood

NBC Los Angeles Wax Captain Kirk Moves Into Star Trek Neighborhood

LA Times Hero Complex Star Trek Exhibit, Screenings and Contests at Hollywood & Highland This Weekend

LA Weekly Trekkies Storm Hollywood & Highland

Valley Community Clinic

NBC Los Angeles Uninsured Frangela Uses Internet, “House” for Medical Advice


LA Daily News Injured Dancer Makes a Comeback

NBC Los Angeles Groovaloo Brings Reality To Stage

Jump for the Cause

Sports Illustrated Pictures of the Week (online) and Pictures of the Year (magazine)

ABC Los Angeles Women Jump to Help Fight Breast Cancer

Aurora World Inc.

MSNBC Big Brother, or Big Mother?