We’re excited to show you Aurora’s newest YooHoo & Friends for 2010. Moms across the country are ecstatic about the award winning manufacturer’s cuddly creatures which are based on endangered species — 40 plus mom bloggers posted their raving reviews in December alone…watch out Zhu-Zhu pets!

YooHoo & Friends™ line is the company’s best selling plush toy category and includes more than 50 variations available at retail with a variety of sizes and themes (i.e.: Valentine’s, Spring/Easter, Halloween, Holidays, Birthdays, Graduation).  Aurora will introduce many new YooHoo & Friends throughout the year but look for the Beaver, Yellow Tiger, Jaban Rhinoceros and Japanese Macque (five and eight inches) to kick off 2010 introductions.  They join the Scarlet Macaw, Barbary Lion, Iberian Lynx, Platypus and a host of other characters.

The whimsical YooHoo & Friends inspired the launch of www.yoohoofriends.com, the corresponding free, interactive “virtual world” geared to kids from five to 12 years old. The web site makes learning fun and teaches kids about endangered animals in their natural habitats from all over the world. The website does not require activation codes. Site users can play games, watch previews for the upcoming YooHoo animations, adopt and raise YooHoo & Friends, and learn about each endangered animal.

Awww, check out the Birthday YooHoo & Friends! Visit this link to check out and buy your faves.