We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge our friend, Mr. Jeremy Greenberg. Not because he’s also a Chargers fan, but because we and Jeremy support our troops…you know, the men and women who fight for the freedoms we enjoy back here at home. However, we weren’t the ones who just spent a courageous couple of weeks in Iraq, touring the country and entertaining members of the US military. While on the trip, Jeremy regularly posted entries for the Military Officers Association of America, and sent us emails with lines similar to the title of this post. The man can entertain — and does so every time he puts up a freshly written column on MSN’s Family RoomYour Guide to Imperfect Parenting; his recent post was titled Embracing the Lameness of Being a Parent, lol.

Jeremy is flying back today, get home safe! Here are a couple pictures he sent to us:

On the Blackhawk…

What looks to be McDonald’s:

Getting attacked by a bomb sniffing dog:

Golfing on the Tigris: