Dan poses as an anonymous reporter

Today HARO – an absolutely phenomenal PR pro friendly site showcasing media inquiries – had no less than 10 anonymous queries in its midday and evening editions. Seems like the reporters want info and sources but they don’t want PR people filling up inboxes with TMI.  One cloaked query a day is certainly understandable but 10 is getting up there (note: Profnet had only one anonymous entry over the last few days, but their query volume is dramatically lower since 2009).

Richard from Bad Pitch ranted about this in his recent post (def bookmark the site), a must read; but what will it take for reporters to understand?

who dat?

Our clients do not want us pitching anonymous reporters. What if we represented the Christian Coalition (we don’t) and the anonymous media person was with Playboy magazine?  That noise you hear would be the client screaming through the phone.

Journalists could be missing out on critical information or connecting to sources that could help round out the story. Many colleagues have stopped responding to anonymous requests as have we. Join us in stopping the nonsense in today’s transparent society. Reporters: if you want our help, tell us who you are.  Period.


-Team Tellem