Some things just don’t make sense to us, like when Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced he was appearing on an upcoming episode of All My Children. But how about when everyone and their mother sets out to makeover, or takeover, the Hollywood sign?

Enter the nature conservation group Trust For Public Lands, striking a deal that would protect nearly 140 acres of land above the Hollywood sign, which ironically enough, was used to advertise a new housing development on the hillside. Yay, that’s great — we also don’t want more silly luxury homes overlooking the peak. However, Trust’s president Will Rogers said the group will cover the sign on February 11th with a reminder note to all Angelenos reading: “Save the Peak.” Meh.

Hey, we’re all in support of saving nearby land but hasn’t the world’s most famous sign gone through enough? Even what Ke$ha didn’t do was enough for us to feel sympathy for the poor signage. The long list of funny pranks, unfortunate vandalism and clever stunts is a part of history, but now it’s just overdone. Enough with the publicity stunts and viral videos.

Please leave the sign alone. We love it how it was intended to be…in it’s beautiful, natural state: