Lord of the Dance...coming to a theatre near you.

For those of you who’ve known us at Tellem a while, you’ve probably been our guests at a local Lord of the Dance performance…our drummer Dan is a fan, since the performance is so rhythmic but how in the world is this show still popular after nearly 15 years of constantly touring the US and Canada??


  • who doesn’t like a classic story of good v. evil?
  • show’s fancy footwork encompasses various forms of Irish dance and music
  • wide appeal. Student newspapers to print/broadcast media outlets enthusiastically cover the production
  • the dancers are AMAZING. the average age of performers is 22. “Each one is a superstar,” says Flatley
  • women can check out some athletic, handsome men; men get to check out some athletic, beautiful women
  • 21 scenes, fun costumes, captivating lighting/staging, love story make for great date night
  • the show has excellent tour publicists – HAD to sneak that in 🙂

What else does Flatley say about the dancers in his show?

They give of themselves in a way that is unique alone to Irish dancing, stretching a form of dance that has evolved over more than 2,000 years.

Can you believe this? More than 100 million people worldwide have seen Lord of the Dance.

And millions have seen one of our favorite cast members, Jason Gorman, leap just like so:

Wonder if Jason can slam dunk while doing this?

The show has an ability to connect with the audience and initiate and captivate a new generation.  Adding to the visceral and emotional impact are costumes, lighting and staging that are cinematic in scope.

Flatley, who originated the role of the Lord, is the company’s Artistic Director, a position he has held since the troupe’s stunning 1996 debut in Dublin.  Irish dance lovers and music fans alike will get a chance to experience the engaging, rhythmic adventure that has helped catapult Celtic dance mania and Irish dancing into the global spotlight.  No wonder Lord of the Dance has jettisoned its ticket sales to more than $800 million worldwide.

Still wondering whether you should see the show? The New York Post says LOTD is “fascinating, rewarding and above all, entertaining.” OK…the Los Angeles Times said it is “a showpiece extravaganza.”

For a list of tour dates, visit www.lordofthedance.com, click “tour dates” and then be sure to click “Troupe II” on the left sidebar.

The lovely ladies of Lord of the Dance