Robert Cabral from Black Belt Dog Training and Bound Angels

John’s dog trainer Robert Cabral, from Black Belt Dog Training, is a handsome fellow with many talents (martial arts master teacher, photographer, bodyguard and author) and endless, useful tips for you and your pet. Robert takes a hard nosed approach to dog training…and as he can prove, it works. John’s new puppy, Limo, will be the beneficiary of all these wonderful bits of advice…

I'm Limo! I need an eye-haircut!

So when Robert’s blog post came through via RSS today, I had to share with the Interwebs. He has some serious advice for every dog related event and holiday…and coincidentally, did you know today is Take Your Dog to Work Day?!

But following his blog is a must for any dog owner. Today’s “Kill Your Dog” post kicks off with nothing but the truth:

As ridiculous as this statement sounds, you’ve got to consider the approach most people take with their dogs. People who have dogs with issues, which many have, give it a half-assed try to fix it, and when that doesn’t work, they either give up on the dog and let the trouble behavior continue, or they dump the dog at the shelter.

He goes on to say that “Dog training is something you will start to do today and continue until your dog takes his last breath.”

It’s absolutely true and being animal lovers in this office, we encourage everyone to follow Robert’s solid advice. Visit his Black Belt Dog Training Blog today!

-Dan TWW