Commence E-mail Etiquette Rant:

Ever get the email where you actually have to scroll down to get past all the people CC’d on said email? There’s no better way to guarantee a non-response from me than CC’ing me with the names of 100s of people I don’t even know. Nor did I ask to have my email shared with all these people in your address book!

I now have a new virtual rolodex with the names and emails of 300+ publicists and marketing professionals, 400 sales reps, 150 band reps, 200 venue owners…I could go on and on…

Today’s email pushed me to the edge. I received an email with “test” in the subject line and no less than 100 CC’d “participants” in this test. Sorry if your emails are acting funny man, but just test the email system by sending them to yourself.

Wait — even worse, who’s the guy who hits “reply all” when they get these kinds of emails?

Who actually thinks it’s a great idea to CC everyone in your address book — what’s the deal? Seriously, did you know you can just paste those names a mere centimeter below the CC line into the BCC line?

Do yourself a favor, and the next time you think of CC’ing the world, don’t. Just don’t. Stop. Don’t play dumb either…just correct it for next time and your secret is safe with us.


-Dan TWW