Frito Lay is missing out on a golden social media opportunity. As reported on, the chip maker is caving to “loud” complaints from a few thousand secret snackers, a not-so-negative Facebook page and a big feature story about it all in the Wall Street Journal by ditching the 100 percent compostable packaging for five of its six “Sun Chips” flavors, effective like, now.

Apparently the crinkle noise on these bags is just unbearable for some folks…but who manhandles their chip bags like this lady? Just take out the chip…and munch. That’s all.

I must agree with BenHur76008 who so eloquently states in his response to the video:

buy other chips then you crybaby. It’s sad you feel the need to complain about it. Its a f$#%ing chip bag, nothing else more can be said.

Frito Lay is a massive company. Certainly corporate could come up with a great way to promote the issue and deal with it publicly. The bag’s greater good, frankly, is more important than whiny customers making a stink out of noise — especially right now when the Green movement is in full force.

There was no social media crisis, yet. Funny enough, a social media crisis could end up saving the eco-friendly bag. But I ultimately think Frito Lay missed out. Take this issue to social media, run with it and lead the online conversation. Why not poll the fans, focus groups, the entire country for that matter and create a debate over the bag?

Pure speculation, but perhaps nixing the packaging has nothing to do with the bag noise at all. Could it be that the bag put too much strain on Frito Lay’s bottom line? Then this baglash would be the perfect diversion…

-Dan TWW