You've got terribly annoying email, Meg.

I’ve received another email from a “Los Angeles based hospitality group” that sends some of the most annoying emails ever. Annoying because 1) I don’t remember signing up to this e-mail list to begin with and 2) they continue to use deceiving subject line tactics with the hopes I’ll open the email.

This week’s fancy subject line of the marketing email was “question” — open the email and you’ll find 10 or so coupons and flyers for clubs around Los Angeles but no question. I unsubscribed from the list and lo and behold, and not an hour later, I get an email from John, who wrote the above mentioned group with the following:

Exactly WHAT is your question???????  These emails are so irritating.

If you really need to use that ploy to get people to open your emails – then its time to find someone else to handle your online marketing.

You guys are doing a super CRAPPY job ruining your brand by pissing off your customers.

This is about the 10th email with a subject line that is deceiving – so I’m going to opt out now from your email list.

-Dan TWW