UPDATE: It took less time for the celebs to raise the million dollars and get back on to social networks than it did for me to grow a Mr. T Chia Pet.

Gaga is at the forefront of a new campaign where celebs “quit” Facebook for charity. Oh noes Little Monsters, the Lady is signing off Facebook and Twitter starting November 30th, World AIDS Day. She and Timberlake, Usher, Seacrest, Serena Williams and a host of other celebrities will cut off access to their social networking pages until Alicia Keys’ charity raises $1 meeeeeelion dollars.  Gaga has the largest online community, with 24 million fans on Facebook, and more than seven million Twitter followers.

So…we did some elementary math to demonstrate what it would take for just Gaga’s fans to pull the money together and get her back, ONLINE!

*24,000,000 fans @ $0.05 each
*12,000,000 fans @ $0.50 each
*1,000,000 fans @ $1.00 each

Seems pretty doable…in fact, shouldn’t this be over in no time? In a matter of seconds, everyone can turn avatars green, “like” a page for a cause…drop change into a donation jar… but will the same people take a few minutes to donate a nickel…quarter…or a dollar to the celeb’s charity of choice?

Raising funds for charity, especially during a recession, is no easy task…doing it through your social network can pose a bigger challenge — she’s asking fans to go beyond reading updates and the occasional wall post by reaching into their pockets/wallets for donations.

Wednesday we will be paying close attention — BIG stars with BIG followings asking their social networks to donate. What kind of numbers can we expect and how soon?

-Dan TWW