This post topic may seem random, but it was a recent rogue Google alert for a Hoovers story titled “The Corporate Legacy of Michael Jackson” that included Tellem on a list of folks that have a “connection to Michael Jackson” — can’t beat it that! But we did have that connection and we really never talked about it on this blog.

It seems like only yesterday, but 2005 was one of the craziest years in our firm’s history — mainly because of the People v. Michael Jackson trial, where we represented former Santa Barbara district attorney Tom Sneddon. We’re all big fans of theeeee King of Pop, but we had work to do. Jackson’s fans and supporters weren’t happy with us, or Martin Bashir:It wasn’t long after meeting Sneddon that reporters and camera crews were knocking on our office doors and death threats started coming in from the most hot-headed of fans and business associates of Jackson. The whole year was a barrage of phone calls and voice mail systems being jeopardized by fans who left 25 minute voice mails for each of the members on our staff.

But the craziest day was essentially the last. Jump forward to the madness of the trial verdict — we credentialed over 2,500 media (topping that of the Pope’s US visit, which Tellem worked on in 1987):People from Berlin were there:

Along with Tom Sneddon’s biggest supporters:

But it wasn’t long after Michael rolled up with his entourage, before he was acquitted of all charges against him. It was just like that — things calmed down and we were back to normal. By far one of the most thrilling experiences in our history.

-Dan TWW