We send around news stories to each other with the subject line “Stop” — the one word that perfectly expresses the ultimate frustration we have with a particular news story. Here’s one, which recently came through my inbox from TT:

New Car Smell Blamed in Hit and Run Accident (via NY Times Green Blog). Hence…STOP!!!!

Ever met someone who didn’t like new car scent? I think we found the guy! He’s arguing the intoxicating odor contributed to his hit and run accident (fled the scene and all). Click that link above to read more. Please…seriously…the world is too awesome to have to ingest news like this. If this loser, um, wins…I bet one of two things will happen:

1) The auto manufacturers will begin eliminating the new car scent

2) We’re sending this guy a box of 1000 new car scent air fresheners

-Dan TWW