Photo credit: (AP / Charlie Krupa)

Do you know the one thing left out of our National Anthem yesterday that made me so happy (I’m not talking about lyrics)? Fireworks. That’s why Christina Aguilera’s anthem, before the start of Super Bowl XLV, was my favorite of the NFL season.

All the stories today are so predictable — and will bash Christina and her, as Deion Sanders called it, “re-mixed” version of the anthem. She made some serious blunders, apologized with obvious remorse and hey, people make mistakes, I’m ok with it. She’s sorry, and hopefully it draws more attention to the correct lyrics of the anthem.

But anyone who has joined me for a game knows the utter disgust I feel when teams shoot off fireworks during the verse, “…and the rockets red glare…” — can someone please tell me why this is a good idea? It’s the same crowd reaction every time; some people get frightened, some people look around with the “why are they doing that” stare and no one ever claps. But I’ve NEVER been told, “I really like how they shoot off fireworks during that verse for extra emphasis.”

It’s rude, disrespectful and annoying. It costs the teams money — that’s money they could use to sign more players or extend important contracts. I take off my cap out of respect for the anthem, and you shoot off fireworks during it? I’m the biggest football fan at Tellem. Just wrapped my fourth (and most disappointing) season as San Diego Chargers season ticket holder. I don’t know when this stunt started…perhaps a couple seasons ago. But last night, she sang that verse and it brought her back on track…built up the crowd’s confidence, and almost made me forget about all the flubs. But you know what? No silly fireworks there to screw it up. Which is why it made Christina’s the best anthem of the NFL season. Too bad she messed up the words.

-Dan TWW