Earlier this month, I was in our social media meeting and pitched the idea of a Facebook quiz for one of the clients on the roster. I had done them in the past, and they are a great way to get interaction on a Facebook page.

What we needed was a dedicated URL for the quiz so that we could include it in a client’s email newsletter, be able to post it on our wall and have it displayed on the left-hand column in a “Quiz” section. No sweat I thought. If a teenager can do it then so can we. But there were some challenges.

The "Earth Day" quiz we created for YooHoo & Friends

I hadn’t anticipated that Facebook Fan Pages were undergoing major changes and renovations. Oftentimes, changes happen from morning to night. I figured the easiest way would be just to use the popular Facebook Quiz Maker Apps that we all see whenever a friend invites us to take a “Which Kardashian Sister Am I?” quiz. What I found very quickly was that since the apps were all third party, it was very hard to customize it.  Even worse, some apps would give you a URL but you would not be allowed to post on the wall and vice-versa. I decided I might need to borrow code from a friend’s existing quiz that was functional, but it turned out they were coded in PHP and Facebook had recently changed the API, so the code didn’t work properly anymore.

I felt like I was out of options; destined to have a quiz that didn’t have any of the customizations I needed. Until, I found Fan Appz. They allowed every customization I needed for my quiz. There are no codes, and you can create either polls, “which are you quizzes” and “how well do you know quizzes.” The quiz appeared effortlessly on the front page of our Fan Page, and there was no need to embed anything. It also offers an amazing admin manager page where you can edit changes in the quiz even after it has gone “live” as well as schedule future re-posts of it. If you can’t hire someone to do your Facebook programming, then Fan Appz is a great option for those on a budget.

-Andy TWW