Today is April 1st (duh). I’m hypersensitive and super paranoid about being messed with on this fine day… But WordPress is sly…they are probably going to make some people unhappy, but it’s a good April Fools…so kudos WordPress. You got us. Anyone who checked out WordPress blog analytics on any of the sites today will notice a “spike” similar to this:And then roll your mouse over the Apr. 1 stats and you’ll be greeted with a nice little message:Not to be outdone, Google had tons of people raving about Google Motion. They didn’t get this one by us however. So silly…I can’t imagine waving at my built in webcam and having it know I meant the word “Barbados” but anyway, clever clever clever nonetheless! Here’s the “intro” video:


When you click “Try Google Motion” you get a nice little dialogue box with the following:Hurry April 2nd! We need you…stat.

-Dan TWW