YOU SHOULD! Apps are the digital future — and after reading a Bryan Joiner article in the recent issue of Toy Book, I just had to share this stat with you — it’s funny and sad at the same time:

According to a 2010 survey from internet security company AVG, more children ages 2 to 5 could:

a) play a computer game, not ride a bike

b) open a web browser, not swin

c) play with a smartphone app, not tie his or his shoe

Apparently we need apps that teach kids how to ride a bike, swim and tie shoes. Anyway, the article explains that nearly 50 percent of the top 100 apps sold (or 60 percent of the top 25) are targeted to preschool or elementary-school aged children. So if your brand caters to younger children, maybe there’s a reasonably affordable app you can develop that teaches kids basic techniques for using lets say an iPhone  (i.e. swiping, pinching/zooming) as well as developing hand-eye coordination through various games and challenges.

Here’s one example — our client Aurora licenses its best selling plush toy line called YooHoo & Friends. A game developer produced a “Hello YooHoo” app specifically for kids encouraging the swiping/pinching/zooming/hand-eye-coordination mentioned above — the feedback from parents has been tremendous (read more here). Among other things, kids stay occupied and get to take their favorite brand on the go. Time to give a crApp!

-Dan TWW