We remember six or so years ago when people found it funny that a company might have a Facebook page for it’s employees to communicate. Maybe it was a Fortune 500 that started one for it’s consumers. It just seemed that Facebook was more Hannah Montana than Warren Buffet.

Cut to present day and Facebook has grown up and gone all sorts of pro, unlike the Myspace and Friendster counterparts. Are there businesses out there that still don’t think they need to be on Facebook? Yes…but at least some of those who were holding off are finally coming around. If that’s you, you should check out “Facebook for Business”.

Facebook for Business “provides step-by-step guidance for how to best use Facebook’s marketing tools,” a company rep says. Such tools include Pages, Ads, Deals, social plugins and Sponsored Stories. Mashable quotes a rep in this article: “Though Facebook is sought after by marketers, many have found the process of buying ads on the network complex, which has spawned a network of third-party agencies that specialize in placing ads on the network. With the site, Facebook hopes to offer more of a helping hand. We want to inspire small businesses by seeing how other businesses have found success on Facebook by sharing their stories.”

To get started, visit: http://www.facebook.com/business.

-Andy TWW