Is it me, or are you noticing “11:11” more? I hear more and more people referencing friends and kids who — at 11:11 — close their eyes and wish away. Search Twitter and you’ll see this is the best time to make a wish (among other things):So is it just some huge coincidence that our PR agency crosses paths with the people behind Wishing Watch? This week, we’re helping get the word out about this fun jelly band accessory that alarms daily at 11:11 (don’t worry, you can turn it off if you really want to). Seven colors…and a charming price of $11.11.

Coincidentally…November 11, 2011 is coming up too! It’s 11:11 madness on 11/11/11.

And why not, for our East Coast friends…let’s go ahead and schedule this post for 11:11 your time!

-Dan TWW