Our time spent with Foursquare has been like many relationships. We fell very hard at first, felt smothered, and then we left. We loved the idea of dating someone new Foursquare, one of the first Apps to integrate social media with your smartphone that made excellent use of GPS technology. We were checking in while we picked up our laundry, eating an Indian buffet at lunch, and we even had a location for our home. Foursquare began feeling like a chore.

Does your business need to create a foursquare page? Mashable reports that:

Foursquare business pages are no longer limited to large brands with the money and clout to buy Foursquare’s limited and in-demand dev resources. Business pages are now self-serve…Now, any business can create a free Foursquare business page, enabling it to customize a branded page where fans can “follow” the brand and unlock its tips.

Are we going to recommend that all our clients create a Foursquare page? Not yet, but it couldn’t hurt to try it out for yourself, especially if you have a business with a physical addresses or perhaps your a manufacturer that wants to start a retail promo campaign. But it is too early to see if it will be worthwhile.

We will be monitoring things closely to see what happens now that Foursquare has opened this new opportunity for businesses. After all, doesn’t love deserve a second chance?

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-Andy TWW