Just something to keep in mind. We’ve always discussed this around the office: who cares how many followers someone has. What matters is, are those followers engaged? That leads us to our next thought: promoting social media content to the right audiences, not necessarily the largest, will be more effective in helping drive “convertible traffic” to business websites.

What’s the point of targeting a social media user with say, 10,000 followers, if no one from their audience is listening or engaged — or if the interests of those people vary greatly? Could you argue that targeting folks with 500 or even 100 dedicated followers who are deeply engaged (and are more likely to have similar interests), provides more value to marketers and brands? We say yes; so does a new study by University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business.

Social users with smaller, more interactive networks may be more effective targets for social media marketing campaigns than those with large, varied lists of friends.

Can we just go ahead and switch that from “may be more” effective to “will be more” effective?

-Dan TWW