I had the pleasure of exploring the Paley Center in Beverly Hills recently which was hosting a PRSA event about entertainment social media and marketing.  It was oversold, so I got to stand in the back.  In between the great comments from the guest speakers, I got an eyeful from other late arriving guests and those seated.  When did we spiral into the hell of flip flops being the new de jour footwear?  I don’t want to see your ugly feet… hairy toes, pasty white skin, cracked nails, black toenail polish. ARGGG.

Pair those “clown shoes” with shorts, t-shirts with dopey sayings and the occasional football jersey – yes there was a guy wearing a football jersey at the posh venue in Beverly Hills.  It’s no surprise that unemployment in California tops 14 percent. I can pretty much guarantee that you will not see this kind of dressing down in New York.

So what’s acceptable at a PR event? Five tips for California PR people.

  1. Suit and tie (always)
  2. Sport coat with a solid t-shirt and jeans
  3. Any type of closed footwear (think of it this way…if there is a fire or earthquake, your feet won’t be bleeding with pieces missing after it’s over)
  4. Dresses/blouses (no boobs please), skirts  
  5. Jeans with heels and a blazer

My dearly departed mother used to say, “Always dress better than everyone else.  You can’t go wrong.”

-Susan, TGPR