John Stamos with Dr. Robery Nagourney

It was this past Saturday night, October 1, 2001. Vanguard Cancer Foundation hosted “Cancer is Not Contagious but Laughter Is!,” a special night honoring the work of our client Robert Nagourney, MD, founder of Rational Therapeutics, in Long Beach, CA.  Television show “Extra” was there to film an ovarian cancer survivor who saw Dr. Nagourney on the show several years ago and who says she is alive because of Dr. Nagourney.

More than 300 guests, many of them cancer survivor patients of Dr. Nagourney’s, enjoyed an evening of food, drink and a silent auction topped off with special guest actor John Stamos, whose mother founded Vanguard, and comics Allen Stephan, Craig Shoemaker, Jimmy Brogan, Frazer Smith.

Never heard of Rational Therapeutics? Since 1995, this pioneering cancer research laboratory has been specializing in personalized cancer care. The results of RT’s Ex-Vivo Analysis—Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD) platform create a functional profile not only to a tumor’s sensitivity but for its resistance to various drugs and combinations. With this profile, an oncologist is equipped with the most accurate information to treat an individual’s cancer.

Founder, Robert A. Nagourney, MD, an oncologist and hematologist, began researching cancer’s biology more than 25 years ago. Through his innovations, he has pioneered the art and science of personalized cancer care. To learn more, visit the blog, Facebook and twitter @RobertNagourney.

Also view “The Future of Cancer Research Lies Behind Us,” a TED talk by Dr. Nagourney here.

-Dan TWW