New Moniker Reflects Son’s Contribution to the PR Company

Susan Tellem had no idea what was on the PR horizon when this pic was taken with Dan in lap and John’s photo on the back wall; circa 1980.

Malibu, CA. – October 5, 2011 – Tellem Worldwide has changed its name to Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc. (, reflecting partner Dan Grody’s nine year contribution of business growth to the PR, social media and marketing agency.  Interestingly, the change nearly mirrors the name of the firm founded 31 years ago by Dan’s late father, Mark Grody, and mother, Susan Tellem, known as Grody Tellem Communications.  John Tellem, who is also Susan’s son, has been a partner in the family business for 11 years.  The agency is best known for expertise in healthcare, consumer products, entertainment and crisis management, while specializing in family-focused clients including theatrical tours, toys, gifts and education.

“We are delighted with the new name, as it’s time Dan is recognized for his contribution to the family business,” said Susan, founder of the agency and longtime PR pro. “Mark would be so proud to know that Dan is as good a PR guy as he was, and that the name lives on.” Susan added that they work together so well because each person specializes in an area that is unique, yet overlaps in some way with each of their clients.  The agency uses a team approach so that all the partners are involved in every account.

“Obviously, things are very different now from how they were in 1980 when Mark and I founded the original agency,” Susan said. “Computers were just on the horizon for office use, so a press release still needed to be typed and retyped to correct errors before it was sent to editors by mail.”

Dan, who heads up social media and consumer products, and whose avocation is music – he is also a graduate of client LA Music Academy and social media instructor there — said, “What an exciting time to be a PR professional. We are helping our clients navigate the ever-changing communications landscape so they can identify, connect with and engage target audiences and most important, brand supporters.”

John, who launched the entertainment division in 2000, said, “PR is definitely in the family blood. We are so fortunate to have the legacy continue and the opportunity to work together everyday.” 

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About TGPR

Originally founded in 1994 as Tellem Worldwide, TGPR serves a variety of U.S. and Canadian clients in diverse specialties.  Best known for its expertise in healthcare, entertainment, consumer products and crisis management, the firm’s client list includes notables such as Broadway Across America, Nickelodeon, Lord of the Dance, Aurora World, Inc., LA Music Academy, Rational Therapeutics, California Poison Control System and Marina Plastic Surgery.

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