You are going to be on TV! Congrats. Keep these tips in mind before you head over for your interview…

  1. Keep wardrobe simple. Don’t wear more than one pattern, stripes, polka dots or loud colors.  Wear dark blues, grays and earth tones.
  2. Don’t wear seasonal clothes.
  3. Wear simple jewelry ‑ stay away from sparkly stuff.
  4. Bring an extra blouse or shirt and tie to the set in case you perspire too much or spill something.
  5. In an interview, look at the interviewer.
  6. Do look at the camera during a call‑in show.  This gives you contact with the caller.
  7. Watch the show that you will appear on to familiarize yourself with the host and the types of questions you are likely to get.
  8. Don’t over gesture ‑ it’s distracting and ineffectual.
  9. Sit or stand straight.
  10. Know your stuff – no cheat sheets allowed.
What other tips would you offer your client?
-Susan, TGPR