Jerry Vorpahl (not pictured in the stock photo above) is an accomplished public speaker and has coached hundreds of business and political leaders, including two US Presidents. He currently serves as CEO of The Power Inn Alliance, a coalition of over 600 businesses and property owners in the Power Inn area of Sacramento, California. Jerry was kind of enough to point out 10 ways you can identify a good speaker. So learn from these tips and take note. keep these in mind next time you are tasked with speaking in front of a group or audience:

1. They engage their audience within 90 seconds.

2. They have an open, friendly face at all times.

3. They make eye contact – with everyone.

4. A good speaker focuses on his audience first (what they want) and then on the message (what he wants to say).

5. They use names of people you know, especially first names frequently.

6. They are enthusiastic and fully animated, and move around the room – front-to-back, side-to-side.

7. They are their own best visual aides, using objects for interest and emphasis, without relying on PowerPoint.

8. They realize that telling is not communicating, so they ask a lot of questions before giving any answers.

9. They constantly modulate their voice, going from a near whisper to an occasional emotionally-charged outburst.

10. They are genuinely likable, and, in the end, you would enjoy spending more time with them.

-Jerry, guest TGPR blogger