This hastily photoshopped image represents the name of Beyonce and Jay Z's new daughter, Blue Ivy.

A media fire storm erupted since the birth of Jay Z and Beyonce’s new baby “Blue Ivy” at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.  Some family members with babies being cared for at the hospital have taken their complaints to Facebook and Twitter about the inability to move freely and visit family members on the same floor. Here’s just one excerpt:

Forgive my language, but giant *** to Beyonce, Jay Z and Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. My cousins Neil and Roz had beautiful twin baby girls who were born six weeks early and are currently in the natal ICU unit trying to get healthy enough to go home … but mother and father weren’t allowed to be with their own babies because of Jay Z and Beyonce’s thugs, who (with the hospital’s blessing) closed off that ENTIRE WING … separating parents from their infants so they can have their own celebrity entourage come visit without having to interact with the “little people”.

According to news reports, a hospital spokeswoman said the hospital has special patient suites and that rooms can be reserved but did not give the cost and added that reports that Jay-Z shelled out $1.3 million for “an entire floor” were exaggerated, but would not say by how much.

So Lennox Hill, here’s where you do a mea copula and make up to the other proud parents who are tweeting and FBing about the diva and her parents.

  1. Send all the parents who were prevented from seeing their babies free strollers, car seats, diapers for a year, a $1,000 gift certificate and mommy spa visits.  You can afford it after what Jay Z paid for privacy.
  2. Redesign your policies or redesign your special patient suites so this never happens again.
  3. Cater candlelight dinners for all parents who remain on the floor.
  4. Send all the doctors who couldn’t see their patients certificates for dinner at exclusive restaurant (You can afford it).
  5. Tell the press your policies were wacky and this will never happen again.

Whether this story was exaggerated in the press or not, Lennox Hill still has a crisis on its hands.

-Susan, TGPR