Everyone knows that public relations people are the smartest, most creative beings on the planet next to chimps, so it comes as no surprise that we also “rock,” literally.  In a recent survey of public relations colleagues, we discovered that there is another life after PR.  Or rather, after hours.

I’m sure that if we had the time and money to survey the whole universe of PR people, we would discover that there was enough talent to raise the Titanic, build a car from scratch and disassemble and reassemble an iPad.

What talents did we uncover among our survey?  We have among the respondents:

  • professional drummer
  • keyboard player
  • disc jockey
  • bass player
  • Wheel of Fortune winner
  • hip hop dancer
  • mortician who embalmed two people
  • National Hockey League statistician
  • Tyra Banks impersonator.

Among the rather kinky responses to the same question – “People would be surprised if they knew I…” there was one who still lusts after the Sex Pistols, another who loves heavy metal, a potential bag lady (quelle horror!), a whale hater, as well as a dog hater but she redeemed herself by loving pigs 🙂

What fun!  Who knew PR peeps could be so versatile? Come on.  It’s time to share what would surprise people about you…

-Susan, TGPR

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day!