We weren’t surprised when Facebook switched to Timeline. We weren’t surprised when Facebook rolled out more privacy updates. And we weren’t surprised when they announced the Facebook IPO. What DID surprise us is when the following image popped up on our Facebook.

It said “Public comments blocked: sorry, you are blocked from leaving comments due to continued overuse of this feature”. Huh? It was a typical day of social media. One strategy in addition to engaging our own fans is to spend time each day interacting with other pages (that we know our fans like). The “Use this page” feature made sense — we were for it as long as people didn’t abuse it. With our LA Music Academy page we enjoy contributing to relevant music news threads from Rolling Stone for example. Or we use the Pine Valley Tribute page to comment on the latest news from the many Soap Opera focused Facebook pages.

We find it particularly ironic that what we think is legitimate interaction can get you banned. We wrote earlier about Facebook spamming programs that could turn the service into MySpace. But we were interacting and engaging with pages that made sense to the brands, discussing relevant information and chiming in on conversations. There were no attempts to sell or promote…just chat.

Ever experienced this before?

-Andy and Dan, TGPR