From a random GAP coat that has lasted for years.

This is really smart! Kudos to the Gap, Inc. social media team that created an employee manual — “OMG You Will Never Guess What Happened at Work Today” — listing out guidelines for social media use. Companies, schools, all businesses really should consider adopting elements of Gap’s guidelines which include (in bold):

  • There is no delete – ever notice how some people don’t care?
  • Some subjects can invite a flame war – generally religion and politics
  • It’s a small world and we’re a global company – this is gently reminding employees that what they say can be seen worldwide and deemed offensive by who is reading the content
  • Respect other people’s stuff – in a nod to the creative community, Gap reminds employees not to copy
  • Your job comes first – social media shouldn’t affect  job performance
  • Play nice, be yourself – here Gap says even though they are an employee make it clear that they aren’t a company spokesperson

And “If you #!%#@# up?” Gap encourages employees to “correct it immediately and be clear about what you’ve done to fix it. Contact the social media team if it’s a real doozy.”

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We encourage clients and businesses to develop an educational brochure much like Gap’s. Better safe than sorry!

-Dan, TGPR