LOVE my MacBook Pro. This machine can change lives! But, never really launched myself into the world of iPhone or iPad, mostly because the basic “need” wasn’t there. Not anymore, especially with the new iPad on its way and yes! This means a $100 drop in price for the iPad 2. I have decided the 2 will feel new enough and serve its purpose. But should a potential buyer like me be worried about the infographic highlighting the breakage report from SquareTrade (Mashable covered with a headline that reads: “Why the iPad 2 is far more likely to break than the original…”).

The thinner iPad 2’s glass is actually exposed slightly above the bevel, thus leaving it unprotected. But guess what, not going to worry about that. You get a case and aim to avoid dropping one’s smartphone, computer or tablet right? Here’s to NO accidental damage and a beautiful shiny new iPad in my future.

-Dan, TGPR