(April 11, 2012) Thanks to reader Linda Waterhouse (@llwaterhouse) for bringing this to our attention — the link we provided below (cough, name change solution, cough) is no longer active on Facebook. Here is the new way to petition for a Facebook page name change:

  • Log into Facebook
  • Visit the page you’d like to rename
  • Open the Admin panel (top right) if it isn’t already open
  • Find Manage on the drop down, click it and select edit page
  • Look at the left sidebar and click on basic information
  • Next, you should see the current name of your page listed
  • Look for a live, blue, hyperlink that says request change

  • Click it and follow Facebook’s directions carefully. You should be on your way to success!


Original post (March 2012):

Finally, Facebook is offering this form to request a page name change for your business. Some companies restructure, rename or simply misspell (yes, seriously) and administrators had two choices: 1) keep a community under the old name or 2) start fresh with a new page (actually far from fresh, this was the rather stinky process of converting existing likes to a new page). Should your request to Facebook go through, the change will not support the revision of the web address. Sadly, you are stuck with the typo in your URL – for now. Can’t imagine this will always be the case, but baby steps from Facebook.

-Dan, TGPR