Facebook is like the glory days of Usenet Newsgroups in the mid-90s except instead of a computer geek chattering class it’s 850 million humans, and some pets. It was like your favorite band’s message board or the digital camera help discussion forum opened the floodgates to middle America. That’s Facebook today. And if you log enough administrator hours, you’ll notice certain personalities will require your best attempts at patience. Just remember you are representing brands…and to always think before you speak (reply).

1)  “Come To My City” – If you’ve ever posted news on a brand page about an event in a particular city or a tour, you have encountered Come to My City guy. With each event post, the same person will encourage you to “Come to Iowa!!!!” etc etc. Sometimes you want to celebrate location-specific events with the whole community but with that, your photo or video post to an entire worldwide audience means you’ll be sure to see the: “Don’t tease us!!! We want it in our town!!!” comment. Patience is a virtue not often found on Facebook so be sure to have responses prepared.

2)  “Negative Nancy” – You post a photo of a new product or offering and most Facebookers are loving it. Then someone decides to suck the enthusiasm out of the thread with “Lets not jump to conclusions – I’m going to wait until I have the product in my hand before I join in all this awesome, due praise.”

3) “Inappropriateness” – All your Facebook fans are having a fun time commenting on your latest post. But then comes the person who posts the inappropriate link, swear word or tells an off-color joke. It usually results in bringing the conversation to a standstill — like a Facebook “record scratch” pausing the party. Be sure to address the person acting inappropriately to assure those in your community that a moderator is present.

4) “Letter Writer” – Might sometimes be called the “Let’s Start A Campaign Person.” They turn every status update into a reason to organize and make a change. The whole world is always against them. All you tried to do was post a fill in the blank update on Facebook and they took it as if you were stripping them of all civil liberties. Never underestimate the injustice you are causing them by your daily social media updates.

5) “Know It All” – This commenter is always the first to answer a trivia question or any kind of contest. They tend to get the correct answer within a few seconds of the post being up. Equally, anytime you post ANYTHING, they  “already heard about it”, or “saw this online last week.” Were sure you know the type.

BONUS: “First” Person – for some reason, folks love to claim first comment and they’ll make it known by not commenting about the content, but simply saying “First”. Thanks for your valuable input! LOL.

There you have it Facebook administrators. What other personalities have you encountered on FB?

-Andy and Dan, TGPR