With one of six minutes online spent on Facebook, one could argue many of us are hooked or addicted to social media/networking. But with Pinterest growing and taking a huge chunk of online time over the last couple months, we were happy to discover this infographic from Flowtown. It points out various stats and reasons behind Pinterest’s booming popularity. One point in particular stands out, saying Pinterest is a refuge for fatigued Facebook and Twitter users:

Pinterest has become a refuge…frees many users to be more public about things they like, without having to worry about personal content or privacy questions.

It’s true — some people are looking for a new online hang which is quickly turning into Pinterest, despite being heavily used by the female demo (though Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have started pages there). But while Facebook and Tumblr has its growing share of lurkers, people still spend a majority of their online time there every month:

  • Pinterest – 98 minutes
  • Tumblr – 2.5 hours
  • Facebook – 7 hours

The competition for FB and Twitter is growing fast — check out the very interesting infographic below. Are you marketing a client, product or service using Pinterest yet?

-Dan, TGPR