Mr. Cheetah

Apparently public relations professionals have an appetite for more than Twitter, checks from clients, fast cars and reporter hugs.  It turns out that the average PR girl and guy have secret food cravings that TGPR uncovered in a recent research project.  After revealing my crack cocaine choice of food – Cheetos – our colleagues divulged some of their secret tasty vices.  While chocolate led the pack (followed lovingly by Cheetos), there were some other top “cuisines” as well:

  • Hunk of blue cheese and loaf of hand-crafted bread
  • Nutella straight out of the jar
  • Sushi from Kiwami in Studio City (apparently this person actually got DTs after a week without it)
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Egg McMuffins

Quite the variety of food, indeed, secreted at the office in brown paper bags or stuffed in the couch cushions at home.  I’m sure these can be topped, so share your secret food with us, and the winner will get a cool little prize from TGPR.

-Susan, TGPR