My popcorn is gone – for now. @TheGroveLA and @rickcarusoLA have gone quiet amongst the Twitter rage regarding Tuesday night’s tweet banning Manny Pacquiao from the famous “shopping and entertainment resort”:

Every business of “influence” should carefully follow stories just like this. The Grove took a stance against a professional boxer whose beliefs aren’t in line with its own.

My first thought is…how do the shop owners that pay very good money for retail space feel about the Grove taking this stance on their behalf? While it’s in The Grove’s right to ban whomever they want, this tweet was a bad idea, much like not buttering my popcorn. Apparently, the decision was also made based on inaccurate quotations.

I can equate this very tweet to a band hitting the stage in front of 10s of thousands of fans, and before launching into a hit song, the singer starts talking politics. You have fans tens of thousands of fans, but it’s guaranteed that not everyone will agree with your views. And with those statements, you’ve risked alienating your fans/customers which the Grove has done whether they realize it or not — with one simple tweet that will be in ink forever. The Grove faces tough questions from current and potential customers now:

Did they base this decision on a story from the National Conservative Examiner? Why would they not ban boxer Floyd Mayweather, convicted of beating women? Are Christians banned? And the popular one, if you’re for tolerance then why are you being intolerant to Manny’s views?

Lol’ing at some folks tweeting that true Angelenos don’t even go to the Grove.

The fantastic news for The Grove is social media has a short attention span and horrible memory. So, @thegroveLA. Was the tweet worth it?

-Dan, TGPR