This graphic is spreading around Facebook clearly demonstrating who “gets” Facebook, and who does not. As of writing this post, the graphic has over 1,100 likes and 3,100 shares. I ask each and every one of you — what is it that you expect Facebook to do for you or your band besides giving you a platform to reach new audiences?

I’ve got news for you, musicians. Your page’s updates aren’t being restricted and have never reached 100% of your audience. Same with Twitter and a single tweet. Your band is competing with a stream of hundreds of updates from other pages and friends. Fact is, the only people restricting and messing up what you do is you.

What bands have to remember — as fans, we have the choice to subscribe to frequent updates or put you on lists so we don’t miss. We also have the choice to visit pages when we want. What are you doing to get us to your page or put you on our interest lists? What is your internal marketing strategy and what are we getting on Facebook that we can’t get anywhere else?

With the way a lot of bands approach social media, Facebook might be doing us a favor. And if you still think we need to see each and every update, I hear there is a great new feature on FB that let’s you do just that.

-Dan, TGPR