Our TGPR Queen, Susan Tellem got a nice slice of this Dear Gracie column from our friends over at ProfNet. The following question was posed:

How do I get my name on the radar of conferences, trade shows, workshops, etc.? Is this a good way to supplement income? What can I expect?

Our advice: To pitch a speaker, create a “sales package with sizzle.” This should include six key components:

  • Introduction. Provide a brief description of the speaker and what makes him or her so dynamic.
  • List of Topics. Briefly summarize the subjects the speaker can discuss. Topics should cater to different audiences: consumers and the public, executives and administrators, industry professionals, etc.
  • Press Kit. A full electronic press kit.
  • Speaker Sheet. Condense the bio information, fees and suggested topics onto a single page.
  • Testimonials. If the speaker has previous experience, provide audience or group testimonials.
  • Media Clips. Provide prior press coverage of the speaker with links or PDFs, including any broadcast appearances.

For the rest of the column with answers from other PR experts, click here.

-Dan, TGPR