It’s true. If you are blowing off learning the ins and outs of social — that will ultimately help your client become a successful social business — then you might as well join the dinosaurs and call yourself extinct. I was quoted over at Paradigm Staffing’s blog in a recent article called “6 Reasons a PR Pro Needs to Know Social Media.” The article claims if you haven’t used social media on behalf of a company, then you aren’t qualified for most PR jobs requiring social media expertise. What’s one reason you need to know social?

PR people need to be able to monitor mentions of clients and brands around the world and engage with those customers through relevant conversation.

And that’s just one example why we partnered with Meltwater earlier this year to offer our clients social media monitoring (along with promotion and engagement features — all the tools that allow us to cater to a client’s specific social business needs). So what are some of the other reasons PR pros need to know social media skills? Read the article here:

-Dan, TGPR