Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 11.47.54 AMThis is just another stat proving why excellent customer service is so critical to successful social media. There’s no denying it — people love getting responses from companies and brands because they feel someone, anyone is listening to their concerns and addressing them. But it’s always a matter of time before you encounter a negative comment or complaint and while we’ve seen businesses and community managers FREEZE when it comes time to respond, we see this as a golden OPPORTUNITY. Turn these people into loyal customers!

The folks at Profnet wrote a new article and asked me for some do’s and don’ts of managing negative comments on social media. Here were some of them but be sure to read the full article here:


  • Remember that everything will be ok.
  • Respond to negative comments.
  • Take screenshot threads that demonstrate resolution and keep them on file. You will always be able to show your social media team examples of handling negative comments.
  • Direct conversations offline to address matters privately, if situation is not easily resolved.


  • Don’t delete the comments (unless offensive, derogatory, etc.).
  • Don’t stress.
  • Don’t get defensive.

Based on your experiences, what other tips would you offer to those handling negative comments?

-Dan, TGPR