Why You Shouldn’t Give Love (or Money) to Terry Bradshaw

imagesAt least once a month, a client asks me if he or she should pay around $20,000 or more to do a television ad. The production is free and all the client has to do is pay for advertising time.  The company touts a big name host who is going to be the interviewer – like Terry Bradshaw. The pitch is that you and your product or service will be featured on a national news program and get a lot of exposure and new business calls! 

Alas, do a bit of research and you’ll find, “Today in America with Terry Bradshaw” is featured prominently on “Rip-Off Report.” Wikipedia reports an interesting bit of news as well about the agreement made the with Florida attorney general. And take one read through the Who Calls Me thread to see that many people have wondered if this was a legit opportunity and why they would need to pay for this, if it is indeed true journalism.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only company pestering my clients.  While most are Florida based, one client recently got a call from a similar company in Southern California.

We asked for a list of referrals for people who had tried the television promotion and contacted each one. None of them had received a call or new business as a result of spending mega bucks on this sham. The bottom line is “buyer beware.”

So what’s a better solution?  If you think TV is good for your business, you can hire a local video production company that will charge somewhere between $3,500 – 5,000 for a 30 second to one minute commercial spot.  Then, contact your local cable company and buy spots that are targeted to your audience.  These spots are local, not very expensive and certainly more likely to result in new business.

-Susan, TGPR