Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 11.44.59 AMDead Bodies Trump Asiana Insults


Even after 30 years of doing crisis management, there are daily surprises in how badly some companies handle theirs.  Case in point was Asiana’s announcement – which they have since retracted – that the company was suing KTVU-TV for its truly dumb and incorrect way of identifying the pilots involved in the crash.  Yes, KTVU-TV was wrong.  What media person doesn’t phonetically sound out names before saying them on the air?  It was truly stupid of the anchor not to sound these fake names out first.

Asiana must have consulted a crisis manager because the company finally realized that the airplane crash killed people and maimed plenty of others.  Its ridiculous attempt at deflecting that horrifying fact with a petty lawsuit was not only truly bad public relations and crisis management, it added insult to injury for the people who were affected by this tragedy.

Let’s not compare losing face with losing lives.    

Susan, TGPR