Poison Experts Stress Pesticide Safety


Our work for California Poison Control System (CPCS) continues with an outreach program to warn California farm workers about the importance of pesticide safety. From yesterday’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

In 2011, 192 million pounds of pesticides were used in California, including sulfur, methyl bromide and chlorine, according to the state’s regulatory agency. In 2010, the most recent numbers reported, the department recognized 1,114 cases of illness as potentially related to pesticide exposure.

With many farm workers who don’t speak English,  CPCS teamed with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and UC Davis to produce and promote five Spanish-language videos:

The short films, already available to migrant workers who have come to California for the summer’s harvest and plantings, give tips using cinematic storytelling on everything from pesticide-poisoning symptoms to the importance of decontaminating clothing.

Watch and share the videos from a phone or computer at www.thesafetyofyourfamily.com.

-Dan, TGPR