Your Resume Sucks. Now What?

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Times have changed, and so should your approach to getting a job.  With the recession causing a flood of resumes coming into businesses, bosses have many to choose from so yours better stand out. I have been reviewing resumes and hiring staff for more than 25 years, so I can tell you that many resumes I receive have some irritating turnoffs.  My least favorite are:

  • Misspelled words – no excuse
  • More than one page – we live in a 140 character world, remember?
  • Listing jobs like waitress, barista and other non-relevant employment for a current job (seriously?)
  • Bad formatting – send the darn thing to yourself (see what it looks like via email)
  • Tiny typeface (most bosses are older and many have failing eyesight)
  • Big date spaces between jobs with no explanation (if you took time off to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, say so)
  • Sending a resume that has no relevance to my business, i.e., you are a cloud computing engineer.  Great – we do PR.

My preference is no resume at all. A resume really does not offer insight into the real capability or experience that might work for a certain job.  Much of what I read is not even relevant. I now request two or three examples of work (case studies) that the person applying has done that is relevant to the opening we have.  And I do check references from previous employers, so those examples should be your own work or at least you had a lot to do with its success.

-Susan, TGPR