Ouch – Don’t Do That on TV!

studio desk general

Let’s revisit the subject of media interviews and review a few tips to help you rock your next TV appearance:

1) If it is offered, go to makeup. The pros who get you ready for TV make you look fabulous. Men, they know how to keep the glare off your forehead or bald spot. Ladies, if you insist on doing your own makeup, still take advantage of the professionals by asking for a “touch up.”

2) Men should shave before a television appearance.  If the beard is heavy and dark, this becomes a must — even if it means carrying a razor and doing a touchup before you go on.

3) If you usually wear glasses, wear them on camera.

4) Do not button your jacket while seated, and if you wear a vest, check to make sure the buttons do not bulge while you are seated.

5) Sit with your tailbone to the back of the chair.  Don’t get too comfortable.  Stuff something behind yourself if you have a tendency to slouch.

6) Do not wear overly-patterned ties, jackets, dresses or shirts because they tend to “jump” on television.  Solids are best with a colorful scarf or tie for accent. Red dresses or navy or gray suits are still the best attire for TV.

7) Men must wear knee-length socks to avoid bare ankles when you cross your legs.

What other tips do you have for television interviews?

-Susan, TGPR