Happy 10th Anniversary Food Issues Group

10 FIGTen years ago, TGPR partnered with Jeff Nelken, M.A., RD, an experienced professional in all aspects of food safety and inspection, to add another dimension to its crisis, food and health care practices.  The TGPR arm led by Partner Susan Tellem, APR, RN, BSN, offers PR and social media support, including consumer education, videos and crisis preparedness and management.

Under Nelken’s consultancy (www.foodsafetycoach.com), he offers food safety training, food defense education, litigation support and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan development.  Restaurants, theme parks, casinos, corporate cafeterias, schools, manufacturers and distributors all benefit from the services offered.

Susan says:

During the past 10 years, much has changed in the food safety world.  With the advent of social media, word about recalls and food poisoning can spread quickly and efficiently.  Social media can also trigger a crisis for a food supplier.  News gets out in five minutes where it used to take five days, so crisis management help is critical.  We’ve helped restaurants, food distributors and other entities protect both consumers and their brands.

Nelken, who just returned from Texas where he served as an expert witness for a poisoning case, has worked in the food industry for more than 30 years.  He is famous for accompanying reporters on investigative journeys in the dark reaches of restaurant kitchens. According to Nelken:

Food safety is a burgeoning area that is highly important to every individual. Food borne illness, especially in the home during holidays and warm summer months, are under-reported, so providing widespread basic information helps prevent it.  With the growth in fast food restaurants and fast casual places, safe food handling has become even more important.

-Dan, TGPR