Hooray For You Marissa Mayer!


Wow. Marissa Mayer’s Vogue glamour shots and accompanying article really took a major hit in the comments section of sites all over the web.  Somehow both men and women found her photos demeaning, and some even called them soft porn.

Comments also excoriated her for being on the Walmart board of directors and allowing layoffs and other cost cutting steps when revenue fell.  That’s called capitalism.  How many people out there would not have jobs if some capitalist did not give one to you?

Come on folks. What’s the problem here? She’s an attractive, smart woman with a husband and family. She’s not some loser on the dole, a criminal, a New York Weiner or a San Diego Filner.

Oh I get it. Feminists think she cannot be smart and beautiful at the same time. Or maybe they think she cannot be smart because she is attractive. Are attractive women in business supposed to schlep around wearing turtlenecks, prairie skirts and Birkenstocks. Otherwise you cannot be intelligent?

Sounds like jealous chatter to me.