The Past and Future of Food Safety Communications


TGPR Partner Susan Tellem’s recent article for the Holmes Report reflects on the past 10 years of Food Safety Communications as well as where we’re heading in the next 10 years.

When we launched our Food Issues Group with Jeff Nelken in 2003, gluten was not a household name and Friendster was the fast growing social networking site (the first to attain over one million members). But with the wider adoption of Myspace, Facebook and eventually Twitter, it became clear social media would play a more fundamental role in how we communicated food safety issues. But with that, we also found inaccurate information that creates unwarranted panic.


So what is the future of food safety? Nelken provides us with a list in the above mentioned Holmes article as well (link below). Is it a shortage in seafood species? The rise of super allergies or maybe counterfeit foods? Read the full list here:

-Dan, TGPR